School Principal Message

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is the international standard institute at the global level. It is a matter of honor to be the Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya, CRPF, Nagpur, because it is a school which, at the physical level, establishes the highest standard in the field of sports and text co-operative activities. Does it This school is not only providing ideal citizens to the country, but also dedicated the best talent for nation service in various fields. Due to being the head of the institution, I believe that it is compulsory for students not only to acquire knowledge but also to have higher character in achieving the objectives of all the aspects of life.
Our goal: - Greatness is the result of virtues. This can be realized through various efforts in the field of education and culture. We fully believe in creativity, innovation and sustainable development. Our children are such a treasure for us that we consider our privilege to serve, we provide strong wings to fly with them firmly so that they can transmit their message of dedicated service to the world. The importance of education can not be neglected in a person's life. It provides a proper form of their future and communicates such qualities in them that guide them in all areas of their life. It has been said that if you plan for one year then grow rice, if you plan for a decade then grow the tree and educate the people if you plan for a full life. In fact, it can be said that the determination of the fate of a nation is dependent on the quality of education given in that nation.

In my opinion, the meaning of education is not merely to give information, it means to make student with the means by which the students can be able to find the answers from their interactions. Education empowers the student to search for himself. Within each student a doctor, engineer, teacher, social worker, player, environmentalist, poet, writer or an economist is hidden. In the past year, in the school, I have experienced unique knowledge, talented leadership, special awareness towards the environment, a sure ambition and continuous workmanship among my students. I am fortunate that there is an experienced and active teacher group with whom the school has reached the present level today. I am a firm believer with my staff and duty-free employees that I will further strengthen the strong foundation for this school's development and take it to the horizon. My objective is not only to become a qualified administrator, but also to become a guide for a friend, philosopher and students, on whom they can trust all the time. I assure you that the suggestions and guidance of students and parents will always welcome the development of the school.